108 Main Street
Northampton MA

-Est. 1994-

When you walk into Strada you will find a
well-edited collection of fine European footwear.
 Whether you prefer to shop on your own or appreciate the guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable staff, we strive to offer a comfortable, supportive and friendly shopping environment



 Independently owned and operated since 1994, STRADA celebrates its 24th year in our new and improved location
108 Main Street in Northampton, MA.
Located between the Teapot Resturant and Guild Art Supply under the bright yellow awning.

Fine European Footwear

Shuseum Entry

Your Sole Mate

Have a pair of shoes that means something special to you? Maybe it is because of the way it makes you feel, makes you look, or reminds you of something, someplace, or someone special... or someone awful.
Post a picture of your shoe to STRADA's FB page (or email or text us) along with a brief explanation of why it is special to you.
If we get enough submissions we'll host a one day Shuseum in Strada this fall.
So send us your stories and take part in the creation of a collective emotional history!

Mine is a pair of Donald Pliner mules purchased in Las Vegas in 1992. I put them on and felt transformed. They made me feel long, lean, strong and powerful. I wanted to share that feeling with women in Northampton and the idea to open Strada was born. They've been repaired countless times but two pregnancies later they no longer fit but I will keep them forever.

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